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Hi, I'm Gene Pica and I'd love to assist you. Whether you're in the research phase at the beginning of your real estate search or you know exactly what you're looking for, you'll benefit from having a real estate professional by your side. I'd be honored to put my real estate experience to work for you.

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What Clients Are Saying

When my husband and I were looking to sell our homes we did not put much mind into it as we were skeptical because of the pandemic and even though we were already home owners we did not know much about the process as we bought the house when we were 18/19 y.o. When we did receive a call from Gene and set up a time to meet in that moment most of our worries if not all went away. He walked us through the whole process and did not leave a single detail of information out. Looking back the process of selling our house was so fast and smooth I do not know why we were ever so nervous. Gene sold our house within 4 days give or take and even when things seem to get a little rocky he made sure to reassure us that everything will be just fine and just like that it was. We were so impressed by his professionalism, willingness to help, and his great personality he is always so happy and ready to help we still are trying to figure out how he does it. Once the house sold we went almost immediately into house buying mode and of course we had to chose to work with Gene there was no question about it. We looked for weeks not too long but definitely several weeks we would text, call, and email Gene anytime of the day with houses we wanted to look at and within a day if not the same day we were already looking at the houses. What we most loved working with Gene was that he is a very honest man if he felt the house did not suite our needs or our financial situation he would tell us lets think about it see if it still sits well with you and then proceed with an offer his famous line is "YOU WILL KNOW IS THE ONE WHEN YOU GET BUTTERFLIES WHEN YOU WALK INTO THE HOUSE" and thats exactly how it happened. We went to see i am sure is well over a dozen homes and thought that feeling was it for a couple houses we seen but I was wrong until we found the one. THE day we found our home we were scheduled for 3 houses while we were in the last house we asked Gene if there was anyway he can get us into 3 more houses and within 10 minutes this man got us into all three houses the same day back to back. When we walked into the last house we immediately felt what he was talking about this whole time we FELT THE BUTTERFLIES I almost immediately wanted to cry when I heard there was an offer on it and open house the next day. We loved the house so much we went back to see it again for a second time during open house. Gene again walked us through he process except this time was the process of purchasing our dream home, he sent the contract right away and made sure before he sent the offer to the sellers we understood absolutely everything. We put in an offer same day we seen the house which was Saturday night, Sunday we went to open house, Monday by 5pm is when we were suppose to receive confirmation whether our offer was accepted or not. Monday at exactly 10:29am we received our text the offer was accepted the house was ours. I am telling you if anyone deserves realtor of the year is definitely Gene Pica. This man works hard, is very patient, understanding, and quiet honestly just a great person not once did I feel he was doing it for a paycheck or just for income he did not care if we wanted to look at a dump all he care is that we were happy and satisfied with whatever we chose. We can not thank him enough. I will say this again if you are looking for a REALTOR LOOK NO FURTHER this man is the person who you need to contact.



Gene is wonderful to work with. Not only is he a professional he is bright, a real
pleasure. My closing was wrought with pitfalls and Gene guided me right through
them all. I can't say enough good things about him. If you can get him on your side
you should


Dylan the architect